The configuration file /etc/config/wol is provided by the wol package and defines hosts to wake when starting the /etc/init.d/wol init script. An alternative opkg-package is etherwake. Please see /etc/crontabs/root to configure crond.

[SOLVED] Enable WOL from LAN - OpenWrt Forum Jul 20, 2018 OpenWrt Project: Auto Wake On LAN script for hosts Auto Wake On LAN script for hosts At the very least, users should consider putting the LOGFILE on /tmp/ rather than on flash. OpenWrt also does not serve HTML pages in the same way as DD-WRT. GitHub - Mleaf/openwrt-mwol: Mwol(Mqtt Wake On Lan) for Mwol for (OpenWRT) mwol is a program that uses the mqtt protocol to wake up a computer from the network to improve the user experience and security of the original wol. Wake-on-LAN by luci-app-wol

wol — Implements Wake-on-LAN functionality in a small program. It wakes up hardware that is Magic Packet compliant. It wakes up hardware that is Magic Packet compliant. Note: This application will need the port changed to 9 from the default(40000) using the -p argument/flag.

Telegram Scripts for OpenWrt. This is a set of scripts with a plugins API written in bash, you can use it to manage and get informations on OpenWRT Routers. Openwrt on a Pc.: The little network routers you can purchase in the store are ok, but they are not upgradeable. With things changing so fast, that seems like a boon only for the router manufacturers. Also firmware upgrades quickly cease. Having a router on a pc Feb 19, 2012 · The opkg utility (an ipkg fork) is a lightweight package manager used to download and install OpenWrt packages from local package repositories or ones located on the Internet. Opkg attempts to resolve dependencies with packages in the repositories – if this fails, it will report an error, and abort the installation of that package.

Hello, I'm trying to build an image with: make image PROFILE="TLWR740NV1" PACKAGES="ip6tables libiwinfo wpad-mini luci-app-wol luci-theme-openwrt uhttpd wol netstat-nat ifstat luci-theme-base luci-app-qos luci-app-upnp luci-app-firewall luci-app-ddns kmod-input-polldev -ppp -ppp-mod-pppoe aiccu radvd ddns-scripts libiptc resolveip luci-mod-admin-full"

You can configure openwrt to authenticate against an external radius server. The radius server would hold the list of mac addresses. You would typically use a radius server for authentication if you had more than one access point where you needed access control. Aug 10, 2017 · The Wake-on-LAN packet must be forwarded to every device running behind your router, and a device will only wake up if the information in the WoL packet matches it. This is known as a “subnet directed broadcast.”