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Apple System Profiler for Mac - Free download and software Apple System Profiler (ASP) is an application which gathers and displays information about the configuration of the Power Macintosh computer or iMac on which it is run. Welcome - Apple Support Apple Product Documentation. Enroll Apple devices in Profile Manager. Enroll Apple devices in Profile Manager so you can manage device settings and features like setting the device name and assigning devices to specific users.

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ControlUp Application Profiler. Measure, analyze, benchmark, and improve load times for business-critical enterprise applications. Measure, analyze, and benchmark load times of key applications to improve your end user’s experience. Reliably compute applications load time using a formula that combines disk I/O and visible DLLs used in the System Information (Mac) - Wikipedia

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Evidently, Apple included a command-line version of Apple System Profiler in with Mac OS X, located in the /usr/sbin/ directory. It can be run simply by typing AppleSystemProfiler (no spaces) at the prompt in Terminal. (For what it's worth, my readout says it's v1.0.42 and says it's the Apple System Profiler Tool. Invelos Software's DVD Profiler - DVD Collection Software Mar 29, 2017 iOS SDK: Time Profiling with Instruments