All speed tiers are asymmetrical or the download/upload speeds are different. AT&T Fiber is an ultra-fast broadband technology delivered over a fiber optic connection to the premises or to units within certain Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU). All speed tiers are symmetrical or the download/upload speeds are similar

Jul 05, 2016 Upload Speed Test - Azure Speed Azure speed test tool. Test your network latency, download and upload speed to Azure datacenters around the world. What are good upload and download speeds? | by Erica Judes upload speed This is the opposite of a download speed and is how fast your connection can send data over the Internet. It is also measured in Mbps unless you have a slow speed.

The time it takes to upload or download a large amount of data from OneDrive depends on your Internet connection speed, how close you are geographically to our servers, how much your Internet service provider lets you upload in a day, the speed of your computer, and other factors.

[Solved]: How to Increase Upload Speed on Windows 10

Mobile broadband is the marketing term for wireless Internet access through a portable modem, mobile phone, USB wireless modem, tablet or other mobile devices. The first wireless Internet access became available in 1991 as part of the second generation (2G) of mobile phone technology. Higher speeds became …

- setting the dropbox app upload bandwidth limit to "no limit" I tested my internet speed and I should have 70-80 Mbps download / 10-20 Mpbs upload. On Dropbox I've only been getting a dismal 1-3 kbps upload speed! I had one 80-megabyte file that was taking days to "sync" to Dropbox.