Spyware can do any number of things once it's installed on your computer. At a minimum, most spyware runs as an application in the background as soon as you start your computer up, hogging RAM and processor power. It can generate endless pop-up ads that make your Web browser so …

Spyware - What Is It & How To Remove It? | Malwarebytes Whatever way spyware manages to get on your PC, the method of operation is generally the same—it runs quietly in the background, maintaining a secret presence, collecting information or monitoring your activities in order to trigger malicious activities related to your computer and how you use it. Looking at porn? Here's why you should never use your Oct 13, 2016

What Is Adware?

3 Most Common Causes of Slow Internet Connection Jul 31, 2013 Spyware Site

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The risks and effects of spyware - SearchSecurity How spyware affects your device. While spyware has historically been known for slowing down computers, the slowdown effect is harder to notice as computers and mobile devices get more powerful. How Spyware Works | HowStuffWorks - Computer Spyware is defined broadly as any program that gets into your computer without your permission and hides in the background while it makes unwanted changes to your user experience. The damage it does is more a by-product of its main mission, which is to serve you targeted advertisements or make your browser display certain sites or search results.