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Filezilla client vs filezilla server - Stack Overflow difference between filezilla client and filezilla server.I have been using filezilla client for past few days and while downloading Filezilla i come across two options filezilla client and file zilla server.After searching many sites for the info related to server,I am still unclear what is the exact use of filezilla server.I just know that if filezilla client is used to connect to a web Host vs Server - Difference It is possible to run a client and a server on the same device, or the device can connect to a server using a different network connection. Common examples of servers are file servers, application servers, database servers, email servers, and game servers. A client-server system works with a client sending a request to the server. Difference between Desktop, Client Server Testing and Web Jun 30, 2020 Difference Between Client-Server and Cloud Computing | by

What is the difference between a file server and a client

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